HambraH was born in the vibrant Baltic Triangle, South-East side of Liverpool, on the right shore of the mouth of river Mersey, during a warm day of the beginning of summer, while seagulls were dancing with motionless wings in the bright sky.

She was born with Czech, French and Italian origins and a true passion for travels and style.

She soon took her violin and a lift on a merchantman to start travelling the world.

She equally soon found herself in trouble, far from home, surrounded by people thinking she was just a lonely Scouse little girl sailing the world, speaking with her strong and proud accent, nearly haughty when trying to express her reasons.

But she soon discovered there was a way.

Living in Florence, then moving to Prague, then to Paris, she satisfied her curiosity and her genes, and so she suddenly found it out.

A simple one to have every glance in the room, every head turned, and, more important, consent and approval.

Fashion was the answer, Fashion was the subtle secret weapon she could use to engage people during her journey.

That’s how HambraH started discovering new fashion trends, and old style as well, the good old classic style that pops out on catwalks every now and then, creating her own style and collecting the most interesting garments from every decade and place.


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